Change Your World...with TechXercise!!

Technology may have caused part of our health dilemma, but TechXercise uses that same leading edge technology to "enjoyably" restore physical fitness.


"TechXercise is an exciting health concept that transforms the typically boring exercise program into what we like to call "funtastic fitness," says TechXercise president Randy Trowbridge, a medical doctor who holds a graduate degree in Exercise Physiology, expertise in nutritional science, and board certification in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

"We designed a unique program that both children and adults can look forward to and enjoy, which we expect will motivate them to participate regularly in healthy exercise training."

Make working out 'fun time,' family time, and, through the eyes of an expert, achieve the healthiest results. TechXercise is one of very few opportunities where the entire family can 'work out' together. 


*The American College of Sports Medicine (the largest organization of sports science and fitness specialists in the world) recently released a report on the #1 'trend' in exercise for 2014 - High Intensity Interval Taining, or HIIT. TechXercise is such an exercise - interval training at any intensity you want. And yes, while having FUN.