TechXercise is an innovative, high tech concept, health and fitness program!

TechXercise combines the benefits of physical exercise with the enjoyment and challenge of today's electronic games. It's a dynamic new approach to circuit training, a fitness/gaming 'marathon' unlike anything you have experienced. It is designed to take you through an exercise regimen that is fast, fun, and challenging, based on a coordinated sequence of 'stations' composed of games and computer simulations.

 Why TechXercise?

Reason 1: Physical Fitness REQUIRES regular exercise!

Consequently, without regular exercise you CANNOT be optimally healthy. Furthermore, America is facing a health crisis related to sedentary lifestyles and poor nutrition. Without exception this serious problem is impacting all groups of people; adults, seniors and most disturbing, our children are involved. In fact, today's generation of children stands to have a shorter life than ours. Gender, ethnicity, where one lives or socio-economic status don't exclude anyone.

Reason 2: TechXercise begins with FUN and games.

Effective exercise does not have to be boring. Traditional weights, resistance machines, treadmills, and stationary bikes etc., can help with physical fitness, yet they generally fall short in the area of FUN and EXCITEMENT. TechXercise immerses you in innovative gaming technology that grabs your attention, challenges your entire 'physiology' through 13 successive, timed stations, and leaves you compelled to continue the FUN. It also saves you valuable time as the circuit is completed in approximately 38 minutes. There is no wasted time. Through TechXercise's specifically designed, timed sequence of functional activities one can achieve the healthiest results. This is because the body is challenged through natural movement patterns using multiple muscle groups, and this promotes development of the aerobic, strength, stabilization, balance, and coordination systems of the body that are used in everyday activity, sports and recreation. 

So what exactly is TechXercise?

You’ll spend 2 minutes performing a required exercise at each station before moving on to the next challenge; 13 stations in all, designed to target the entire body: shoulders, arms, back, core, hips and legs. Efficiency is the winning formula, with each round lasting roughly 38 minutes. You will test your speed, strength, agility, and endurance. You may end up with heavy breathing, fatigue, and sore muscles, but you will have faced the TechXercise challenge and had a blast doing it! TechXercise offers people of all ages the opportunity to mix fast paced fun with their health and fitness program!